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1) Why CCNY?


I chose The City College of New York for my undergraduate education in engineering for a few select and unique reasons. First off, it's location and pricing for the value of excellent education you receive is bar none some of the best if not the best in the entire City of New York. Building on that, the neighborhood of Harlem is a perfect degree of diversity and positioning within the vast grid of Manhattan streets. I was also left greatly impressed by the staff and admissions of the school in general, which is always a plus. 


2) What are my academic areas of interest or major? Why?


I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering simply because it is a subject matter that perfectly suits me going forward as a student. I'm intrigued by mathematics, the sciences, and technology. I hope one day that I will have the skills as an engineer to shape the whole of society around me in a influential and beneficial manner. I also know that ME is a major that gives me an array of diverse career/life options. 


3) What am I most excited about with starting my Freshman year in college?


I am most excited to learn new avenues of approaching a multitude of situations in my life as well as in society in general. I want to refine and gain new skills, meet a ton of other people, and spread my ideas as far as I possibly can. I am aware that my Freshman year will give me opportunities that I never had before and I'm incredibly excited to take advantage of them as the semester begins. 


4) What is one goal I have set for myself for my Freshman year in college?


To be honest, I have set multiple goals for my Freshman year, not just one. They include meeting and building an awesome network of friends, peers, and mentors; as well as really establishing a solid foundation for my post-secondary education in NYC. By the end of my Freshman year, I'd like to have an internship in place for the following summer. 


5) Do you anticipate any challenges for your Freshman year?


Of course I will be faced with a large amount of challenges my first year in college and beyond. I look forward to refining my study habits and consistency as well as becoming a more outgoing and charasmatic person. As it stands, I am terrible at studying and would really like to find a method that works well for me. In addition, I want to work on my people skills so that people may immediately recognize me as someone they want to get to know and express genuineness towards. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.